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Enterprise announcement

South newspaper group interview group come to the nest interview


In August 12th, 12 interview groups organized by the Southern Newspaper Group were organized by the main editing and cataloguing personnel to visit Chaohu for an interview.

After the first visit to Chaohu, the delegation first heard the introduction of the economic and social development of our city by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. Du Changdi, the Standing Committee and deputy mayor of the municipal Party committee, answered questions from reporters. Subsequently, the reporters regardless of the hot weather, deep into the town of Juchao District Huailin golden monkey fishery science and Technology Co. Ltd., two city economic development zone and the high dam Wuwei SIAIT cable group, Huaxing cable group, Xima oumeijia decorative material industry limited company to carry on the interview, and to interview the deeds of Cao Fagui county. At the same time, we also examined some of the historic sites in our city. Through interviews, journalists have said: Chaohu is a good place. We must introduce Chaohu's economic and social development to Guangdong, and publicize it to Guangdong to let you know.