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Public bidding bulletin for wire and cable equipment


Public bidding bulletin for wire and cable equipment
Anhui Xinya Cable Group Co., Ltd.

Anhui SIAIT Cable Group Co. Ltd is a professional enterprise of cable R & D, production, marketing and service as a whole, the products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, military, aerospace, shipbuilding, construction and other industries, the best-selling products, and exported to Africa, the Middle East, CIS and other countries and regions.
According to the needs of operation and development, the company plans to invest 700 million yuan, and land 410 acres in Wuhu high tech Industrial Zone, and build a new special cable production base. It is expected to be put into operation in February 2011. The company intends to purchase by public bidding forms of equipment, equipment a total value of about 200 million yuan, including: drawing machine, wire machine, beam line machine, extrusion machine, rewinding machine, spark machine, stranding machine, twisting machine (Star winch) (Gang Si), steel tape armouring machine, extruding machine (even with sulfur) and 35kV three layer cross catenary unit, 35kV three layer coextrusion rubber suspension chain unit, shield machine, mixer, mixing machine, knitting machine, inkjet printer, electronic accelerator, crane, forklift and a total of more than 400 sets, invite qualified domestic and foreign cable equipment manufacturer / supplier in bid.
The following matters are announced as follows:
1. This tender is public bidding. The information has been published on our website (http://www.siait-cable.com). You are welcome to sign up and participate. Please apply to the company registration office before July 15, 2010.
2, the way of registration can be made by express. Application letter please specify the following items: the unit name, the contact method; the bidding intention or commitment (with official seal); the legal representative certificate or legal authorization; business license (copy must be stamped with the official seal); the reference strokes of applications; the company profile, product samples and in recent three years business performance.
3. The company will prequalify the registration unit and send a bid invitation to the unit through the prequalification.
Contact: Ms. Peng's phone: 0553-3028888 cell phone: 18715296201
Address: Anhui Province, Wuhu City, No. 77 Zhongshan North Road Qiaohong international office room 1501 SIAIT cable group

June 25, 2010