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President Speech

Thank you for your interest in new asia!

As one of the leading manufacturers in China's special cable industry, Xinya cable group has provided high quality service to customers in many fields, and has forged deep friendship with its customers.

Talent, technology and customers are the basic elements for the survival and continuous development of the company, and also the focus of our attention and long-term struggle. Through the joint production, research and development, the ability to develop independent innovation, to create a harmonious corporate culture and cultivate human resources, and gradually formed a unique competitive advantage of the core competencies.

Focus on service quality, customer satisfaction, employee progress at the same time, SIAIT will own development into the social development environment, through the integration of capital and industry, combined with business and humanities, exploring the steady and harmonious development of the road in the field of special cable. We should not only become the quality of enterprises, but also to become a respected business, be thankful for the core values of the enterprise and sense of responsibility into every employee, every customer, the pursuit of cooperation symbiotic.

Today, New Asia has entered a new phase of expansion. Future development will require a longer vision, a clearer positioning, more effective strategies, the need for more vigorous support and love from all walks of life, to push us forward and step forward. We believe that through our joint efforts and concerted struggle, SIAIT group will become famous China, and has a certain influence on the enterprise brand.

We sincerely hope to thank you for your attention to the New Asia through mutual delivery!