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Development History

In 1992 the company predecessor in Anhui Province inaction power equipment factory was established.

In 1993 the company developed its own far-infrared electric heating components, high temperature wire on the market, get rich returns.

In 1995 the company predecessor in Anhui Province inaction of the special heat-resistant cable factory was established. Company and the Shanghai Institute of wire and cable research and development of high temperature cables, silicone rubber cable production line production, products favored by the users.

In 1997 the company began a project construction, the new cross-linking, control, instrumentation, such as more than a dozen cable production lines.

In 1998 the company changed its name to Anhui new Asia special cable plant, one-time through the ISO9002 quality system certification, all products by the "national wire and cable detection
Center "detection, the performance of excellent, users get praise.

In 1999 the company became the newly formed "China National Petroleum Corporation" a supply network, export network members, products are widely used.

In 2000 the company began the second expansion, to further expand the scale of wire and cable production, access to import and export rights, products exported to North Africa, the Middle East and other places.

2001 Governor Xu Zhonglin to visit the company guidance. The formation of Anhui New Yate Cable Group Co., Ltd., a "China Petrochemical materials resources market members," China Petroleum "Energy One Network" members, won the Anhui Province, "Star Enterprise", "the contract and trustworthy enterprise", "high-tech enterprises "," The best quality enterprise "," AAA grade credit enterprise "and so on.

2002 Deputy Secretary Zhang Pinglai company inspection guidance. The company became a "national water power system supporting a single supply network members." One-time through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification revision.

In 2003 Vice Governor Ren Haisheng to the company inspection guidance. Won the "five private enterprises in Anhui Province," the title, through the ISO14001: 1996 environmental system certification. The company was named outstanding supplier of oil.

2004 CPPCC Chairman Jia Qinglin, Provincial Party Secretary Guo Jinlong, Governor Wang Jinshan and other leaders to visit the company. The company invested nearly 100 million yuan expansion of 35KV cross-linked cable production line, the new high-flame-resistant ship's marine cable production line. "Yafeng" brand silicone rubber cable won the "brand-name products in Anhui Province", "utility model patents", "Anhui famous brand" title.

In 2005 the company fully into the CI, establish and improve the "quality, marketing, administration, finance," the four management system, the company running into the norms of the development of the track,
At the same time the company started to improve the direct sales model, the main market in the country to establish direct sales offices.

In 2006 the company has two projects included in the 2006 provincial science and technology plan, to obtain two utility model patents to determine the new development strategy.

In 2007 the company invested 560 million yuan in Hefei High-tech Development Zone 600 acres of new land acquisition Anhui new Yate Cable Group Co., Ltd. Hefei industrial base.

In March, the company invested 80 million in the original site of 100 acres of land for the four expansion project.

May, Governor Wang Jinshan accompanied by provincial and municipal leaders to visit the company guidance
The company has invested more than 8,000 yuan, the land of 100 acres of land, the company has been awarded the provincial quality enterprise management center, the enterprise technology center is recognized as the provincial enterprise technology center; , The expansion of silicone rubber cable project.

In 2008 the company chairman Xu Dingfeng comrades elected to the Eleventh National People's Congress; enterprises through the PCCC power certification and mining product safety certification mark.