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Service System

Dear customers:

Anhui new Yate Cable Group Co., Ltd. is the production of wire and cable professional manufacturing company, in the current fierce competition in the field, the company - to create high-quality product quality, quality pre-sale service as their responsibility, in good faith, Win the principle, to provide you with the best quality service, which the company promised as follows:

1. Conscientiously carry out consulting services to answer the various questions raised by customers, patiently to introduce the basic situation of the company, the technical performance of each product, technical parameters, quality and recommended to the customer specifications and other models.
2. For the customer's inquiry, by the marketing department to give the same day reply.
3. Strict implementation of the agreement between supply and demand sides, contracts, and timely according to the user's views and needs to make appropriate adjustments.
4. Free of charge to provide users with all the necessary technical information.
5. Timely report to the user the implementation of the contract, so that the plant can be a timely supply of goods in place, if necessary, to invite suppliers to participate in the production control.
6. Timely processing calls, letters, visits, the questions raised by customers in the specified time to give a reply.
7. Customer service needs can be sent to the scene to the relevant services.
8. When the customer confirms that the purchased product is defective or unqualified, our company will be resolved quickly according to the "product quality commitment".
9. When you are not satisfied with the services of our company, please promptly to us, we will continue to improve your services according to your views or directly to my company complaints, complaints Tel: 0565-6860222.
10. This commitment will be an integral part of the contract and shall have the same legal effect as the contract.